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NAF which is working towards bringing change in the dance scenario in Manipur. Its aim is to bring forward a least pursued form of dance and movement in our state and region. The Founder/Managing Director of NAF, himself, is a well-developed contemporary dancer, choreographer and performer whose love for this art form has taken him to new boundaries. NAF will be focusing and specialising on ‘contemporary dance and performing art form. Our aims in bringing ‘contemporary movement’ or ‘contemporary dance’ as a form of art which is something more deep and beyond the imagery that people perceives of  it being as a modern dance form. NAF will be a platform for the new generation of dance and art lovers. It aims in bringing forward the talents of our state on the international front in contemporary performing arts.
It is a place where one can explore and scale the edges of this dance form and performing arts. It is also the gateway through which a dance or arts lovers can connect to the rest of the world’s dancers, artists and other contemporary movement and performing artists. Through workshops and performances. It aims in bringing forward the talents of our state on the international front. Nachom Arts Foundation have a very good connection with The Japan Foundation , New Delhi ,Pro Helvetia , Swiss arts council New Delhi , British Council , International artists /teachers/choreographers/performing artists and International festivals curators/programmers/Directors. NAF will be target by many international and national artists to visit in future.



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