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Message from the humans. Taking references from oracles.
Meepao is a re-imagination of some elements from my earlier performances. Slightly deviating from themes of violence, resistance and protest that are important in earlier works, this piece celebrates hope and resilience.

About Meepao: Meepao is a tribute to all the known and unknown departed souls, who made extraordinary and ordinary yet exceptional contributions. They gifted, the lived world a reason to appreciate life, find joy in the simplest of things and feel hope in chaos. We imagine our performing bodies to transcend the lived-world and dance with the spirits in unison to celebrate the liminal spaces that separate us. We dance in their memory, whispering to them that our memories are their new homes.
Surjit Nongmeikapam (Bonbon)
The Team :

Surjit Nongmeikapam

Joshua Sailo
Purnima Yengkokpam
Senjam Hemjit Meitei (Tombi)
Sumeet Sagolsem
Aribam Swavinath Sharma
Yanglem Luckyson Singh
Heisnam Shantanu Singh
Suresh kiran singh Khundrakpam (Tomba)
Tushar Nongthombam


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